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All participants will have the opportunity to have their lunch in the university canteen directly in the campus and their dinners in restaurants close to the university dorms or downtown. Lunches are also available for purchase at the campus cafeteria and can be paid in cash.


The price of mean meal in the university canteen varies from 50 to 100 CZK (2-4 EUR).

The price of mean meal in a restaurant usually varies from 100 to 150 CZK (4-6 EUR).


Recommended restaurants and cafés:

Jídelna u Kaplíře – Kaplířova 14

Moje Café – Kaplířova 14

Restaurant Švejk – Klatovská 125

Pizzeria San Marino – Raisova 36

Restaurace Tabule – Máchova 6

Restaurace Slavia – U Borského parku 21