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Day with Languages at UWB

14 – 15 September 2020

A two-day event consisting of a conference with workshops for university language workplaces focusing on education in foreign languages and the teaching of professional language on the first day, and a training workshop for teachers from language workplaces and students of language disciplines led by a foreign expert on the second day.

On 14-15 September 2020, the Institute of Applied Language Studies (IALS) at the University of West Bohemia (UWB) hosts the annual travelling conference Day with Languages

(held in previous years by the University of Economics in Prague or the Faculty of Arts, Charles University). The conference and the workshops will enable a meeting of teachers and students of higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The conference is organized by the IALS, but the contributors will also include representatives of other language departments of UWB. The conference with a series of workshops will serve not only to share the latest developments in the field of language education, but also to deepen existing contacts and establish new cooperation. The first day of the event (14. 9.) will also be attended by foreign experts who will present their latest contributions in the field of language education. The second day of the event is devoted to a training workshop (15.9.). This training workshop, conducted by a foreign expert, will be based on previous research in the area of innovation of teaching methods (published in Scaffolded Language Emergence in the Classroom“). One of the topics of the conference is the connection of language education with other academic or artistic areas. Therefore, the plenary lectures will be enriched with musical accompaniment provided in cooperation with the Pilsen Conservatory, where the IALS carries out long-term research in the field of language education.

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