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Intensive Courses in Czech for Foreigners

Information English                                                       Информация на русском языке                      

 University of West Bohemia                                           UNIVERSIDAD DE BOHEMIA OCCIDENTAL         

We offer several types of courses in Czech which are somewhat different in their contents and the type of visa that needs to be requested. The courses are primarily designed for students interested in studying at the University of West Bohemia or other Czech universities, but other candidates from among the public may also submit their applications.

For studies at UWB in Czech, knowledge of at least B1 level is required. Beginners reach this upon successful completion of a one-year course. After passing the final exam, graduates receive a certificate proving the attained level of knowledge of Czech. Study programs in Czech are free of charge.

Czech lessons take place from September to June, 25 hours per week from September to January, and 20 hours per week from February to  June. Additionally, in the Preparatory Course for University Studies in Czech, professional subjects, in accordance with the students´specialisations, are taught.

As a Czech language intensive course student you may apply for a long-term visa with the purpose of OTHER. Czech language preparatory courses students are entitled to apply for a long-term visa/permit with the purpose of STUDY. This type of visa is more convenient for those interested in studies at UWB or another Czech university.

Furthermore, we offer to international students a range of additional services such as  visa and nostrification guidance, help with applications submitting and choosing the major field of study etc.

The Institute of Applied Language Studies offers: