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Courses for academic staff

Supplementing Language Competencies (A2 – C1 according to CEFR)

General language courses aimed at achieving the required language competencies. Courses are held at four levels.

Preparation for International Exams FCE, CAE, CPE (B2 – C2 according to CEFR) and IELTS

The preparation of courses oriented towards Cambridge exams is in process.

Presentation Skills

(minimum entry level B2)

Academic Language

(minimum entry level B2)

International Communication on the Professional Level – Internships and Project Communication

(minimum entry level B2)


Price list: see internal norm 65R/2011.

Contact Person: Mgr. Václav Trejbal, CSc. (trejbal@ujp.zcu.cz), phone number 377 635 213