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Courses for non-academic staff

Examples of courses in English:

English for Beginners – A0

The course is designed for complete beginners or false beginners who need to consolidate the basics of English grammar. The aim of the course is to teach participants to communicate in a simple way in everyday situations and equip them with the competencies at level A0/A1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Basic English in Practice 1 – level A1

Basic communicative competencies in speaking, listening and reading for beginners. Providing and obtaining information, basic social communication, communication on the phone, basic communication via e-mail, and understanding simple written information.

English in Practice 2 – level A2

Improvements in obtaining and providing information, telephoning, negotiating deadlines, arranging appointments, basic presentation skills (presentation of the university, services, study programmes, etc.), social conversation.

English in Practice 3 – level B1

Improvements in appropriate social conversation with a knowledge of intercultural differences and paralinguistic aspects, presentation skills – presentation of oneself, one’s profession, a project, study programmes, etc.


Price list: see internal norm 65R/2011.

Contact Person: Mgr. Jana Čepičková, M.A.  (jcepicko@ujp.zcu.cz), phone number 377 635 201